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With all the interest and activity in t-shirt sales via TeeSpring.com I thought now might be  a good time to post some great free & paid Teespring resources.

Having experimented with TeeSpring.com … along the way I have found some great Teespring Resources from free desktop and web based applications through to some very sophisticated tools which you should be using if you are taking the Teespring opportunity seriously.

And don’t let the fact that most of these Teespring resources are free, a lot of thought has gone into them and at least two are built via Adobe Air so these are quality applications.

Yesterday I found myself compiling a list of Teespring Resources within my browser bookmarks and also backing up desktop applications to my server which prompted me to create this post.

This will now make life easier when trying to locate a relevant resource with all of then in in one place. Please also feel free to add to these resources by leaving a comment below.

Here is a ‘quick list of the TeeSpring Resources. To access more info and download links please scroll down:

    • TeeSpy (Desktop App)
    • FB Lead Joiner (Desktop App)
    • TeeSpring Sales Notifications (Desktop App)
    • Teeview (Internet Service)
    • Teescover (Internet Service)
    • Discover (Internet Service)
    • Teespring Analytics (Internet Service)
    • FB Lead Jacker (Desktop App)
    • Tee Profit (Internet Service)
    • Tee Split (WordPress Plugin)
    • Animated GIF (Internet Service)

I’m going to list the free ones first …


I’ve found this adobe air, desktop application to of great value for research purposes as it will search out all relevant, existing Teespring t-shirt designs by searchable keyword and then give you filter options as follows:

    • Price Range
    • Goal Range
    • Sales results range
    • Plus other features to help come up with great designs


FB Lead Joiner

FB-LeadJoiner is a Windows/Mac application built using adobe air.

FB-LeadJoiner that will take all the User ID files you get from scraping the Facebook Graph or using app based applications and join them into one easy to upload file for Facebook ads custom audiences.

LeadJoiner will remove the duplicates, as well as let you export Names and Facebook Emails if the file contains them.

LeadJoiner works with any UID file generated from any Graph Scraping tool.

FB Lead Joiner



TeeSpring Sales Notifications


You may already have noticed that TeeSpring don’t send out sales notifications, so this nifty little Chrome browser extension  does it for you.

Get an alert whenever you sell a shirt! Add your campaigns and get desktop notifications whenever any of your campaigns generate a sale.

Teespring Sale Notifications





Teeview gathers T-shirt Teespring campaigns from Google and Twitter displaying them all in one place!






Another web based service very similar to TeeSpy.






TeeSpring’s own web based service demonstrating some of their current great performing campaigns.




Teespring Analytics


TeeSpring’s own web based analytical service, whilst this may seem obvious to some, it did actually take me  a few weeks to find this so I thought its worth including:

teespring analytics



FB Lead Jacker


Hand pick Perfect Leads From FB Graph Search – Get Highly Targeted Leads From Facebook Using The Powerful ‘Graph Search Quries’. Target any demographic in any niche and pull up a huge list in just a few seconds. Never waste money on wasteful ads again.


Precise Targeting on Facebook
Target your Facebook Ads more precisely than ever before. You can literally search for any audience you want and the possibilities are endless.

Boost Your Ad Effectiveness
Reach better targeted audience and BOOST your click through rates using ultra targeted custom audiences in your niche from Facebook.

Conversions on Steroids
Put your conversions on steroids with high level of targeting and insight into your audiences with the power of this software

Results for Clients
Move over SEO and all that stuff that never get results. Use the power of FB Leadjacker to get amazing results for your clients.

Sell Boatloads Of Merchandise Online
Drive highly targeted & ready to buy traffic to your Teespring campaigns, CPA Campaigns, Lead Gen and any other niche or offer. This is literally money waiting to be picked up.

Supercharge Your List Building
Build a freakishly fast and highly responsive list in literally any niche you want. The power of custom audiences and FB Leadjacker will supercharge your listbuilding efforts overnight.

FB Lead Jacker


Tee Profit


Get Unlimited Resell Rights To Upload-Ready T-Shirt’s For Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns!

Become a Member of TeeProfit.com! – Less than $1 Per Day Per NEW Shirt it’s a simple decision!

Browse and Download Trending Shirts – We upload a NEW shirt EVERY DAY and give you access to past shirts as well!

Upload To TeeSpring – Or any online shirt distribution company! And you’re ready to start your Facebook Campaign!

Tee Profit

Tee Profit




A WordPress plugin which allows you to create simple yet effective landing pages for split testing your t-shirt designs. The principle of this strategy is that you can create several designs and present them all on one page giving the visitor the option to choose the one they like and then click through to Teespring.

The idea here is that you can run just one campaign to establish which are the best selling or most preferred designs rather than run a campaign for each design which of course can be come expensive.

Then you simply run the most popular designs …


Tee Profit


Animated TeeSpring Images TeeSplit


Almost forgot about this one … This is a really cool resource, you can add the animated GIF to your TeeSpring page as well. One the GIF is created you can use the provided URL so you don’t have to upload to your server, but for added security you can simply save the GIF and upload to your own hosting.

The service not only finds the colors for each garment but also the styles as well, so if you have hoodies and tees it will extract the style and color for each of those styles.


Tee Profit



credit : https://bz9.com/index.php/2014/04/03/teespring-resources/

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